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TheSoulSelector has been a moniker for amancalledarron for creative endeavours for a long time, be that DJ sets, artwork, music creation anything original and by me. I have long noodled about with digital creation but for a good part of my making practice the thought of coding was a big turn off. Then I was introduced to Unity and I started to experiment as a hobby. That hobby soon grew into an obsession and I found that I could think in code quite satisfactorily. Whilst the journey has been a long and slow one, as is the way with self teaching I have enjoyed growing my understanding and capabilities. Taking part in Game Jams like Ludum Dare certainly pushed me on in my understanding of the full requirements of making a complete game.


So my hobby has turned into something more and I am embarking on completing and releasing games. I have a vault of interesting game ideas, some just simple mock ups, some more developed that I will endeavour to complete and release.


My gaming culture is rooted in the old school and whilst I did start out on the Sega Master System aged 7, by old school I mean Mankala kind of old school. I find it curious how little traction the traditional games of humanity actually influence the trends of contemporary video games. Not that I am down on the games that are available today, I love lots of what’s on offer.

I do however know that the culture of things like code breaking, dice games, card games etc. are not fully explored and exploited. The drive to make modern games accessible and easy to pick up and run with is in my humble opinion closing more doors than it opens. So my mission is to explore new concepts and ways of playing and constructing games. I hope to bring a bit of originality and interest to my games, confusing at first but ultimately a pleasurable experience once grasped. Tutorials will be required.


As a solo maker my games are works driven by passion. Your support and attention is deeply appreciated. Game on!



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