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Soul Selector - DJ Sets

From time to time I rekindle my past and indulge in a spot of DJing. I am a charity shop record hunter and a Creative Commons horder. I mostly DJ virtually now and in the privacy of my loft studio. I try to celebrate the more unusual and experimental folk that make music for the love of it and not for the cash money. I hope you enjoy these and I shall no doubt add to this collection.


These sets have been mixed using tracks that I have downloaded for free through Jamendo. Jamendo is a Creative Commons music site dedicated to showcasing CC music from around the world. You name it, you can find it, be that glitch core infused folk, or reggae death metal! I have been blessed to find some of my favorite artist here.




I use a piece of software called Djay by Algoriddim which you can find here. I have found it easy to use and would recommend it

Jamendo DJay