A Man Called Arron

Creativity Explorer, Artist & Thinker

Nice things that have been said about me

Arron Fowler, with a creative mind and caring soul, this gentleman shares such interesting knowledge on how we can view the world in many different ways. Having had the privilege of working alongside this enthusiast, i have been inspired and encouraged to believe in making the invisible seen.


Arron is: creative, professional, patient, diverse, humorous, well-mannered, non-judgmental, understanding, & welcoming. He is also very tall.


Arron is a very talented man with an amazingly positive attitude. He is always happy to listen and help in any way he can.


Arron is a positive person; always a great motivator who looks objectively at situations and provides a supportive environment when working with him.


I have known Arron for a few years now, he's worked with me on lots of arts projects. he's incredibly funny and friendly and he's really great to work with. He's also been there for me when I've had personal problems and has given some great advice. Plus his son Orynn is gorgeous.


Arron is; An informal teacher, confident, thoughtful and thought provoking. Never short of advice to give or inspiration to bestow, he's a problem solving mega man!


If practice makes perfect , yet no one is perfect , then why practice ? It takes special people to evoke such thoughts from children.


It's hard to inspire young people to create something beautiful using only their surroundings and the gentle encouragement of an adult voice. Arron succeeds in this in every aspect of it.


This man is the pied piper of champs. No one left behind, everyone is left feeling as if they are as creative as he is.


He doesn't say anything positive about himself because he's too humble. Others struggle because there is too much positive to speak of.


Arron, you recognised, explored and through hard work and endeavour, realised your own creative potential, but never at the expense or exclusion of others. You are now an inspirational, positive influence on those you work with.


Talented, tall, witty, energetic, tall, encouraging, patient, tall, creative, intelligent, tall, kind, authentic and tall. Oh, and did I mention tall?


Arron is a skilled philosopher, amazing at inspiring and challenging others, bringing the best out. No challenge is too big or too insurmountable.


Arron is an extraordinarily talented and inspirational new media artist, musician, graphic designer, workshop leader, games master and all-round raconteur, with a skill for creating the artistic equivalent of gold-dust.


Arron's creative spark and innovative thought process stimulates individuals of all ages who work with him.


Comments generously contributed by; Alicia Brady, Sarah Cousin, Gemma 'Jimothy' Whitley, Dagmar Birnbaum, Ageliki Varelis, Justin Cliffe - Tin Shed Theatre, David Dickinson, Alex Lonsdale, Bill Mohin, Hunter Goetz, Carol Goodfellow, Jon Berry, Mark Copple, Katie Jennings and Antony Booth.