A Man Called Arron

Creativity Explorer, Artist & Thinker

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I am a creativity explorer, artist and thinker. I'm happiest when presented with herculean tasks verging on the impossible, turning them on their heads and finding simple solutions through dialogue with young people. Utilising various alternative educational techniques such as Philosophy for children, mantle of the expert, Reggio Emillio approach and anything else I can lift from, to make immersive and transformative experiences. I collide this educational thinking with appropriate creative avenues, be them writing, film making, poetry, animation, painting, singing dance and anything else that takes my fancy. I find that children and young people thrive when they can see that the adults around them are taking risks and bringing them along for the ride.






Thunk - there is no right or wrong answer, that's why they are so beautiful.

Do fish think water is wet?