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Flailing Hips

Ragdoll combat on mobile and designed for touch

Flailing Hips is at its core a ragdoll fighting game. Inspired by a lifelong love of fighting games and a frustration with the genre on touch screens.


An innovative control system designed with touch in mind. You have full control of your character whilst at the same time having very little control as to what actually happens. There are no special moves, in fact the only thing you control is your character's hips. But that being said with just the hips under your influence the range of actions is unlimited, it just takes a bit of luck and the right timing to manifest the moves of your dreams. It’s what makes Ragdoll fighting such fun.


Everything is stripped back to give as much juice as possible to the physics. Photo realism is not included. If you like the square then this aesthetic is for you.


With 12 characters to unlock you can find the fighter that suits you. Each fighter has a unique movement style, weapons and destructible armour. Weight plays a big part in your success. The more protected you are the slower you go. As you lose your protection your speed increases and thus your ability to out maneuver your opponent grows.


The game is very simple: KO or be KO'ed. Will you be the last Flailer standing?


Taking inspiration from games I've loved like:

Street Fighter II, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Bushido Blade, Bloody Roar, One Finger Death Punch, Ragdoll Masters, Rubber Ninjas, Toribash, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Double Dragon and many more.


This is the first release and the list for additional game modes is long. Watch this space and get flailing!


Flailing Hips is a solo passion project. Help me to make it great. Feedback is genuinely appreciated.


Beta available on the Google Play Store

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester or need technical support for this game then get in touch.

email [email protected]

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